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Create a staking pool for your token in minutes. Set your APY, add your tokens and your live!

Not only do you get a staking pool, we create a full profile for your project including your social links, social share voting and the ability for people to buy and sell directly from the platform.

Why setup on Apollo?

🚀 Instant Holders From Apollo

🚀 Massive Marketing Incoming To Promote The Pools

🚀 Safe & Secure For Your Community

🚀 Add an Audit, KYC and Vetted Badge For More Publicity

🚀 Massive Traffic To Your Project


Fine Print:

Apollo takes a 1% fee in your token which is added to rewards pool for Apollo stakers and paid out over 12+ months every 24 hours. This gives you a massive influx of holders to qualify for other exchange and site listings.

Based on the current staking tiers Apollo holders can earn up to a 2X APY boost. This will bring more long term holders to your project.


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