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Launching March 25th

What Made Apollo

Since 2017 I have been an avid investor and have witnessed the shadiness of the crypto space eat up good projects that just needed help marketing and launching their project.

Between marketing proposal scams, botted influencer groups overcharging for posts, and presale platforms dumping tokens as soon as the chart is looking good. This needs to stop.

We set out to change this by developing the initial 3 platforms of our ecosystem giving projects a better way to hire, market, and launch their projects.

Projects are not the only ones hurting. It is the investors as well. So we wanted to give the most we can back to our holders by sharing in the profit our ecosystem generates. Through our staking system, investors will be able to share in 4% of the profit every one of our platforms generates and any platform we build in the future.

We truly have a vision of helping projects lift off and showing massive gains to the holders of Apollo and look forward to the long-term growth of our ecosystem.

Pat Riley
Apollo Ventures

Why Launch On Apollo

The Apollo presale platform is one of the latest Apollo Ventures platforms that have been built for Token creators by token creators to help projects get the exposure they need to have a successful launch and growth. We have added some state of the art features to the platform that has never been seen before in a presale platform.

To start we have only integrated with BSC but will be expanding to other chains shortly after launch as well as adding loads of new features like token creation, more locking and vesting options, as well as full farming and staking pools. The roadmap is endless but our product at launch is well ahead of the rest and will gain market share in this space quickly.


Secure Vetted Marketing

We know when launching it may be hard to find ways of marketing that will have an impact on a project so we have added a feature allowing project owners to pre-select marketing options that we have vetted directly from the presale setup. The funds to pay these marketing options are held back from the presale funds once it is finalized. We allow projects to purchase marketing up to 50% of their portion of the raised amount ( not including the amount set for liquidity ).

Not only is this a great option to secure great marketing it is also shown to the investors as an added reason to invest in a project that has marketing pre-arranged. We all know the 2 famous questions in the chats; when is marketing and when lambo! Well this helps with the first question.

Go Viral

Our Twitter voting system on your presale listing will help get your project noticed and ranked on the platform’s trending section and drive traffic to your listing. A Twitter vote counts for 3 votes and includes a template with your presale info and is posted using the most trending hashtags.

1 Stop shop

We want to make it easy for investors to buy and track a project after the presale. Once a presale is finalized a new tab is added to the same listing allowing investors to see a full chart, buy / sell history and even buy and sell the token directly through our integration with PancakeSwap.

Get Exposure To Your Project After Presale

We don’t want to stop helping projects get exposure after the presale so have added a full launch section where investors can see the most recent launches from our platform and track them as they grow.

Our viral social share voting feature allows investors to vote for their favorite projects on Twitter using our posting integration allowing for an increased social exposure for the projects.

We have investors

Our advanced staking platform not only shares a percentage of our ecosystem’s earnings with our token and NFT holders but our whitelisting feature allows investors who stake the Apollo NFT and Token or our Apollo partners NFT and Tokens to earn WL spots that are added to their user dashboards throughout the month which can be used on any project that is launching on our platform.

Every project that we launch, a small percentage of whitelist spots are held for our investors and added to the normal whitelist of the project. We hold between 15% and 30% of the presale hard cap as spots. For example, if a project had a hard cap of 200BNB we would have 30 to 60 spots available to our community. There is no limit on the number of spots a project can add and this is just adding more investors to the project to ensure a fast fill of the presale and an increased buy pressure at launch.

Ready For Lift Of?

some extra perks to launch with apollo

– $250 Ads Platform Credit

– $250 Marketplace Credit

– AMA In The Apollo Group


The apollo fees

2% of the raised bnb

1.5% of the tokens sold in persale

The token percentage will be vested over 12 months with a linear relase and distributed to investors staking on the apollo platform


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